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May 31, 2013

Astros 7
Rockies 5

Just happened to be looking at this, and I figured I'd share.

So, Bo Porter brought in Wesley Wright to start the ninth on Thursday night. The first man he faced, Carlos Gonzalez, though a lefty, is hitting 83 points higher and OPSing 80 points higher against lefties this season.

Gonzalez singled, and Porter pulled Wright. He brought in Hector Ambriz, who faced Troy Tulowitzki as his first man. Tulowitzki, though a righthander, is hitting 99 points higher against righties, and OPSing 301 points higher against righties, this year.

Tulowtizki singled and Porter stayed with Ambriz.

The next guy was Michael Cuddyer, who, though a righthander, is hitting 26 points higher against righties this year, and OPSing 25 points higher.

Ambriz or Porter or someone caught a break and Cuddyer whiffed.

Next batter was Todd Helton, who is kind of a mess right now, and is specifically a mess against righties right now. Score one for Bo Porter. Helton hit a sac fly on the first pitch. 7 - 5, but two outs.

It is at this point that it occurs to me that, hey, the Astros were really gonna win this one, but that didn't keep me from checking in on Nolan Arenado, a righthander who is of course hitting 64 points better against righthanders this year, OPSing 118 points better.

Those numbers go down as Arenado whiffs on four pitches.

Astros win, and go four up on the pathetic Marlins, whoopee.

But wasn't that interesting? Our bullpen faces five men in the ninth, and though it is working with the theoretical platoon split at all times, it is working with the statistical platoon split, the actual split that the opposing batter is showing in the here and now, only once. On one occasion, Porter removed a pitcher so that we could pitch against the batter's statistical split.

Admittedly, both Wright and Ambriz each show a very stark advantage against their hand, and admittedly, we won. But I wish that managers in general, and those of the Houston Astros specifically, would sometimes prioritize current, real-life numbers over the theoretical.

It might win them a game here and there. May 18, 2013

Pirates 5
Astros 4

Well, they say that if you just keep watching baseball, you'll keep seeing something new, and it must be true, because I'd never seen a walkoff outfield collsion before.

The snarkety snarks at Deadspin, after dutifully calling the play "moronic," went on to mock Elmore's contention that he couldn't hear Paredes over the crowd. Evidently the scribes feel that it's impossible for such a thing to happen at PNC, regardless, I guess, of the Bucco's winning record and the fact that they actually had a shade under 30,000 in the building last night.

Ah, but I waste time with silliness. There's enough fail in the play for everyone without invoking the snark. What I think is interesting about it is the miniscule MLB experience of everyone involved. Elmore has played 30 major league games, Paredes 80. And Robbie Grossman, the onrushing centerfielder who ended up circling around, and merely looking on in horror, has played 21.

So noise issues aside, who's taking charge? Who should have?

Noise issues aside, I think it should have been Grossman. And whether it should have been or not, I think that the collision happened as much because these were young players who couldn't figure out a pecking order on the fly than because of the noise, or because they were "morons." Put it this way, if Torii Hunter is out there, the ball gets caught, whether it's Hunter catching the ball or not.

Now that I think of it, if Altuve had been out there, the ball would have been caught.

It's a facepalmy way of lossing a ballgame, that's for sure. But the good news is that Altuve will be coming back shortly, and that Paredes and Grossman will continue to gain the experience that will make Friday night's play an unlikley candidate for recurrence.

May 7, 2013

Astros 7
Angels 6

Adios, Rick Ankiel. The team site talked about the strikeouts being the reason he was DFAed, but if that's the case, why is Carter still on the roster? And you can't say Ankiel didn't have the better arm. Carter's arm is so weak, you begin thinking left field at MMP is too spacious. I think he'd be good at that miniature Fenway park that guy built, though.

One thing Carter's got going for him, at least as I think about him, is that he never, as far as we know, bought a case of HGH. Sadly, and significantly, you can't really say that about Ankiel. For my money, Rick A and Miguel T are where they should be, out the door.

And hey, Carter hit a three-run jack against the Halos tonight . . . . April 12, 2013

Astros 8
Mariners 3

I'm sure we all expected the offensive explosion at Safeco, or wait, it's possible we didn't.

While the club record remains 25 hits, Tuesday's game was only the fourth 22-hit game in team history, and Wednesday's game was the team's best follow-up, hitwise, to a 22-hit game ever.

Houston's 22-Hit Games
DateOpponentFollow Up Game
April 9, 2013 at Mariners 15 hits at M's
August 3, 2010 at Cardinals 7 hits at Cards
September 16, 2007 vs. Brewers 7 hits vs. Brewers
July 18, 1976 at Expos 12 hits at Expos

The 37 hits compiled over the two games at Safeco was tied for the fourth best two-game total in team history. The 1999 squad dropped 17, 12 and 21 on the Rockies over three road games in July of the year to set the three-game record, so if the club can manage 14 hits vs. the Angels Friday night, the lightly-regarded 2013 edition can take hold of the franchise's three-game cumulative hit record.

April 2, 2013

Rangers 7
Astros 0

Marwin Gonzalez, I love you.

March 31, 2013
Astros 8
Rangers 2

The Houston major league club is 2 - 0 in league debuts. Composite line score for those two games is as follows:

Opponent  4111

That is all.


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