2004 Leaf Certified Cuts
PlayerPettitte Bagwell Oswalt Berkman Ensberg Biggio Miller Kent Clemens Beltrán Johnson Nieve Gimenez
Card Number85 86 87 88 89 90 92 93 95 96 217 265 269
Marble Red Auto    X      X
Marble Red Material Position  XX  X       
Marble Blue X   XXX X  XX
Marble Blue Auto   X   X   XX
Marble Blue Material Jersey Number   X      X  
Marble Gold X  XX X      
Marble Gold Auto     X X    
Marble Gold Material Auto          
Marble Emerald XX           
Marble Emerald Auto            
Marble Emerald Material Auto          
Marble Emerald Material Prime             
Marble Black              
Marble Black Auto            
Marble Black Material Jersey Number            
Marble Black Material Jersey Number Auto        
Marble Black Material Position            
Marble Black Material Position Auto           
Marble Black Material Prime            
Marble Black Material Prime Auto           

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