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Houston (NL)
Oklahoma City (AAA) Round Rock (AAA) New Orleans (AAA) Tuscon (AAA)
Charleston (AAA) Iowa (AAA) Oklahoma City (AAA) 1962-1972 Corpus Christi (AA)
Round Rock (AA) Jackson (AA) Columbus (AA) Dallas-Ft. Worth (AA)
Lancaster (High A) Salem (High A) Kissimmee (High A) Osceola (High A)
Daytona Beach (High A) Cocoa (High A) Quad Cities (A) 2013- Lexington (A)
Michigan (A) Quad City (A) 1993-1998 Burlington (A) Asheville (A)
Dubuque (A) Tri-City (Short A) Pittsfield (Short A) Auburn (Short A)
Greeneville (Rookie) Martinsville (Rookie)

Pocket Schedules: Houston Astros I've Got So Far

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Still Need This One
Still Need This One
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Thanks to Lenny from Rockville Center for the Team Sked
Thanks to Lenny from Rockville Center
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