Paulo De Leon: a celebration of the obscure

But I'm sure they loved him back home in Ozama, Republica Dominicana


De Leon is most "famous" I guess for combining with Bob Dean on a seven-inning no-hitter July 25, 1973
and you can see he didn't pitch badly in '74 for Cedar Rapids, either

The cards are of course (front and back):
a) 1973 TCMA Cedar Rapids Astros # 13
b) 1974 TCMA Cedar Rapids Astros # 27
c) 1975 TCMA Dubuque Packers # 20

Minor League card collectors are a funny lot, I guess. We'll pay 50 or $60.00 (or more) for an old card set that features absolute nobodies. Although, in a sense, you're not a nobody if you were featured in an early TCMA set, right?