Well I'm Glad You Asked

 1. With my 2013 minor league teamsets in, I finally have a card for Chris Devenski, so I was able to make a page for the no-hitter he threw in his last start of 2012.
 2. I've spent the last couple years turning the site into a PHP wonderland . . . at the expense of, you know, content. So my New Year's resolution is to attempt to finish the site (or at least the player descriptions) in 2013. I've been adding again to the R Page and have updated through 2013 the Baseball America Top Prospects page. Carlos Correa # 1, huh? Were you as surprised by this as I was?
  3. Wow, just thrilled to own this one of one autograph of Craig Biggio. 28,000 cards in hand or not, it just kind of steps up the collection.
  4. Doubles Search Engine.
  5. Hey man, Autographed Card Finder.
  6. Just found out yesterday that five members of the 2010 Lancaster JetHawks threw a combined no-hitter against the Lake Elsinore Storm in August of that poor benighted year. So of course I had to put up a page. Three cheers for Robert Donovan.
  7. In addition to the search engine, I've placed some additional semi-fun php-driven tools onsite. You can check out the the numbered card counter, which does what it sounds like it does, lists all my numbered cards by the "of" number, a version of the same thing breaking it down by players, and a little tool that helps me look for parallels, as long as I have the base cards. In the future, I hope to write little widgets that count my auto'd cards, and my jersey/pants/patch cards as well. We'll see.
  8. The conversion to the PHP/MySQL thing has been completed, and most of the old html pages have been deleted--it's a beautiful thing. I have also created a robust search engine for my collection, you can find it here: http://www.astroland.net/engine.html. Never again will you have to wonder whether or not I have a baseball card, and more importantly, neither will I.
  9. I am in the process of rewriting the entire site so that it will be driven by a MySQL database. Updates will be simpler and faster, one day. For now, lotta work! New pages will have the .php file extensions, and for a while they'll sit side by side with the old .html ones.
10. Won this pocket schedule of the 1967 Amarillo Texas League affiliate, and then I found stole this awesome newspaper clipping, and it made a page . . . .


Page posted 11/2/13